Background Event

As the name implies, Final Projects is the culmination of students’ 4-year journey in their interior design studies from two department’s streaming, Commercial and Hospitality Design, and Furniture and Accessories Design. Forty-two students’ works are chosen, and each addresses various design issues in commercial, social, cultural and health spaces. The outcome of the designs should be able to solve problems that exist in societies while applying local wisdom, sustainable design, or technological approaches onto the spaces.

This year, students raised a significant emphasis on social and cultural themes, by taking a closer look on communities as part of a wider society and their need for space of togetherness. The exhibition theme, space and society, was chosen to express students’ ideas of shared spaces where people come together, to connect, and share experiences. Through their designs, students boldly explore, play with ideas, and provide creative solutions in creating space that allows for both personal growth and shared experiences contributing to stronger and more engaging connections between people.

This exhibition is also held as a form of appreciation for the efforts and hard work of all final projects’ students, as well as introducing their work to the broader community.