FELICIA HERMAN/ 2101648993/LA35

Likeawing Chair

Over the years, cafes have their interiors changed along with its function. People who go to cafes have progressed from going because of functionality or aesthetic. Due to this change of pace, interior and furniture designers design cafes not only so it feels comfortable, but also appealing to the eye in order to attract more customers.


Likeawing Chair is a lounge chair that is tailored for Angel-in-Us Coffee. The chair named after it’s concept shape, which is an angel’s wing. An angel’s wing was inspired from the mascot of the café, which is an angel. Angel wings are a symbol that is related, to angels who symbolize protection, affection, and harmony. Likeawing Chair is a lounge chair’s concept is Vintage Factory, which has a similar image to the Industrial Style of the cafe, but a pop of color is added in order to spice up the café, but not ruin its earthy feel.


This lounge chair is simple, which makes it blend in with the other furniture at Angel-in-Us Coffee, but also accents the color scheme of the café. Pine wood is used for the lounge chair’s mainframe, then the backrest is covered with foam, then for the upholstery a polyester cloth is used. For the seating, a synthetic leather is used as the upholstery. Since this lounge chair is inspired by the logo of Angel-in-Us Coffee, which is an angel, the shape of the backrest joined with the hand rests of the chair hopes to give a sense of protection towards the user.