Karya: SHERLI CHANG / 2201749835

The main concept in this plan is to highlight the elements and characteristics of the company’s own brand, namely TransTV and integrate it with selected local cultures, namely the Raja Ampat Islands. The aim is to create an atmosphere where the office can feel the natural atmosphere of the Raja Ampat Islands themselves and their spectacular underwater nuances, but without losing the image of the TransTV company. This plan also certainly maximizes the use of materials and finishing materials made from environmentally friendly materials

The main element is the dynamic indentations that interpret the Raja Ampat sea waves and their organic underwater biota, which also relates to their traditional house (RumahSeribu Kaki) whose roof is in the form of a semicircular arch. In addition, the characteristics of TransTV are also reflected through the dominant use of blue color and linear lines that are firm, which take inspiration from its own logo, the diamond symbol on the letter “A”.

The naming of this concept comes from the interior style of the design, which is inspired by the casual yet modern coastal style.