Pada tanggal 13-14 November 2019 yang lalu, Workshop Moodboard sebagai rangkaian acara Tom Dixon Exhibition ini diadakan oleh MOIE. MOIE adalah showroom furnitur dengan koleksi merk-merk terkenal di dunia, berlokasi di Jl. Kemang Raya 79, Jakarta.

Workshop Moodboard mengikutsertakan 5 mahasiswa Desain Interior Binus peminatan Desain Furnitur B21 memenuhi undangan MOIE kepada Ibu Grace Hartanti, selaku dosen Desain Interior-Binus University. Kelima mahasiswa mengikuti workshop selama 2 hari yaitu Felicia Herman, Mutiara Inggiel, Jaysen, Farhan Rizaldy dan Kadek Kukin Wijaya.

Mari kita simak pengalaman mengasyikkan kelima mahasiswa melalui tulisan dari Felicia Herman berikut ini. Selamat membaca!

This event was a wonderful surprise for us students and it supposedly was the best thing that happened to me in 2019. It would probably be difficult for me to remember events that happened a year and a half ago – since this is written on March 18, 2021 and the event took place on Nov 13 and 14, 2019. It happened a few months before the pandemic hit, and this memory is also held close to my classmates who attended this event with me.


The workshop on Moodboards in MOIE was first informed by our beloved professor, Ms. Grace Hartanti. She chose 5 people in my class, including me to join this moodboard workshop. We were only told that the workshop speakers were from an Italian furniture Brand called Meridiani. The 5 of us were delighted, since we have known as Interior Design students, MOIE is a luxury furniture showroom who sells various furniture from International brands. We thought that this workshop was going to be attended by fellow Interior Design students, we were looking forward to making new connections as well.

On the day of the workshop, we were given a tour of MOIE’s showroom when we arrived. After the tour we took a seat, waiting for the workshop to begin. We had someone who sat with us and turns out she was already an Interior Design professional! The 5 of us were shocked and our anxiety crept in because afterwards more experienced designers came in and the 5 of us were the only students in that workshop. The workshop started with a presentation from a representative of Meridiani, Mr Nicola Salvatori.

We were then asked to create a moodboard for a living space out of products from the Meridiani Catalogue and the materials that they have prepared, and we were given around 30 minutes to complete it. We felt nervous when it was time for us to present the moodboard of our creation as our moodboard was different from others, and we thought it was a lot worse compared to the other moodboards. Our insecurities of our moodboard were slightly lifted by one of the owners of MOIE, Ms. Michelle Shang. She was incredibly understanding that we are still in our learning phase, and she gave positive input on our method by saying that it is a method that she prefers since it was an easy way to understand the moodboard and she gave us input on how to improve our moodboard in terms of material and color composition.

We had a lot of fun in the workshop and after the Workshop was finished, Ms Michelle Shang invited us to attend in the launching of a new collection by Tom Dixon the next day.  We thanked her for inviting us and for giving us the opportunity to attend the workshop, MOIE then gave all the participants a souvenir, took photos and we were done for the day. It was an intense but enjoyable experience for us.

We attended the launching event the next day, we were shocked to see the area was transformed drastically overnight. There was an exhibition space that was covered and in the front display showcased some of Tom Dixon’s products. The small area of display alone looked magical, and we became excited, on what is showcased behind the closed off exhibition space. We had a couple of snacks and drinks and the opening of the exhibition started. The exhibition space was designed by Kezia Karin Studio, which is owned by Ms. Kezia Karin herself.

The theme of the exhibition installation was called Lucent Reverie, which aims to make those who enter feel like they are in a lucid daydream. Then the exhibition area was opened, and it was beautiful. The lights were hung as if we were floating in the sky among the clouds, giving off an ethereal atmosphere. The unique and organic shape of the lights somehow complimented each other, and the bronze color made the space look cozy and warm. The whole space felt like a dream. It was amazing on how Ms. Kezia Karin could create such a masterpiece in such a limited space. It became motivation for us students to do better on our studies as an Interior Designer.


We are extremely grateful to our professors for giving us the opportunity to attend the workshop and Ms Michelle Shang for inviting us to the exhibition, it helped motivate us to do better in our studies and to be the best designers we can be in the future.