Karya: Nadia Valerina/2301932361

Gerobak Set is a Furniture set of a Lounge Chair and an End Table that was designed for Furniture Design IV: Commercial and Hospitality Project. Gerobak Set was designed based out of Kosenda Hotel. Kosenda hotel is a design hotel you can find in Central Jakarta that uses the concept of the simplicity and local uniqueness that the Betawi and/or Jakarta culture has. Kosenda hotel has the target market of travelers, business travelers (Usually Foreign), with their reason of relaxing, business trips, and wanting to experience the atmosphere of Jakarta. The design of this project were made in the hopes of being able to replace the tattered-looking leather sofa and chipped off white carra end table that are in the Lobby of the hotel. The base idea while designing the Lounge Chair and end table is by using Kosenda’s Logo. While using the logo by itself could be enough, to give more “Betawi” or just Jakarta‚Äôs character to it, the idea of using one of the many signature murals that Kosenda has on its wall could be a way to give it more character. Thus, the mural drawing chosen to be an inspiration is a mural of a “Gerobak Bakso”. “Gerobak Bakso” by itself has its recognizable shape. The use of “Gerobak Bakso” inspiration could be used on the legs of both furniture. The materials that will be used for this are wood (for its frame) and Yellow Linen (for its cushions). The color chosen for this set of furniture are brown and yellow due to the use of both colors that could be seen in Kosenda Hotel.