Noelie Philbois

The subject of this project is to create the offices of a company, here the Sosro company. This Indonesian tea company is from the island of Java, which has a large number of tea plantations, so nature is of paramount importance to the company. Another element of the company that is important and allowed me to find my concept was their strong desire to expand their company around the world, in addition to their expansion in Indonesia.

With this concept, the goal is to represent the mentality of the company through design, focusing on Sosro’s desire for expansion. The distribution of spaces in the plan must therefore represent the expansion, starting from a central public space, which then extends to more private spaces towards the sides of the buildings. The office must be pleasant to live in, so the layout in connection with nature makes it possible to create a more pleasant workspace.

For the realization of my project and the choice of my concept, I focused on certain aspects that I wanted to develop. Firstly comfort at work, then the link between the layout and the company and finally sustainable and ecological architecture. In order to link everything to different aspects, Biomimicry seemed obvious to me for my concept, it allows me to bring together the natural part and the expansion part of my concept.