Education is mandatory, including students with special needs. In facilitating the construction of Special A School which is specifically for blind children. However, the facilities used are not suitable, especially the furniture for elementary school students in grades 1-6 plus adapted learning methods. This work is expected to facilitate the needs and ways of learning while helping to hone the other five senses. The concept of this design is the “Sentuhan Lengkung Ceriaā€¯. Sentuhan/touch is inspired by the sense of touch that blind children rely on, especially in reading braille, Lengkung/curve depicts blind furniture with sharp angles, while Ceria/cheerful describes the nature of children. The shape is inspired by the shape of the hand when it touches the braille letters. The colors used are red, yellow, blue on the furniture and light brown and white on the interior. All of them are solid colors with a different Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 30 so that they can be seen by both low vision and visually impaired children. The material used is a lightweight but sturdy material such as the top of plywood, the main construction of aluminum and solid pine wood on the legs. The finishing used produces a matte finish so that it doesn’t reflect too much light.