Mental health is the main asset that humans have to carry out their lives. Mental health also needs to be considered more like physical which is the main aspect in realizing overall health. But over time and the development of globalization can increase the level of stress, anxiety and depression for most people which is not balanced with existing mental counseling & art therapy facilities. Therefore, there is a need for a facility that focuses and accommodates patients who need psychological counseling and art therapy to help the recovery process. The design concept of this design is “Ungkapan Perjalanan Jiwa Teduh” which means a person’s journey of freedom in expressing feelings and thoughts in the soul to gain self-confidence and restore mental health. The application of the healing environment in this design also supports the aspect of providing a calm, warm and calm atmosphere so as to create a positive environment for its users. The implementation of the concept in this design is from grouping the layout of the room according to its function to facilitate access, the dominant color is cold tones, and the application of dynamic forms aims to make the therapy place less rigid and more flexible. To create a positive environment requires aspects such as connecting with nature, providing a sense of reducing stress and preventing excessive noise.