This concept combines graphic design, Bondowoso culture and interactive technology. Interactive technology provides 2-way information that has a strong impression for its users. The impression is visualized into graphic design. Scribbles becomes part of determining the design concept. Then the impression is described in the form of scribbles so as to produce the word ‘Corek’. While the word ‘Nyawiji’ comes from one of Bondowoso’s local cultures, namely “Singo Ulung” Dance which has the social value of “gotong royong”. This value is the main concept of the nature of the unity and cooperation of the Bondowoso people. “Singo ulung” dance comes from the village of Belimbing which is lifted from a story about a character named Singo ulung who is believed to be the forerunner of the Bondowoso community.


Yunida Sofiana, S.Sn, M.Des
Titi Indahyani, S.Sn, M.M, Ph.D