Ever since 2016, Indonesian government has been participating in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), aiming to integrate South-east Asia's diverse economies into a single market and global economy. Indonesia has a strategic position and great opportunity with its statistically biggest population among the ASEAN countries. The government acknowledged that creative industries nowadays are predominantly developed by individuals with creative skills and talents, potentially creating capitals and employments throughout the generations. One advantage of an integrated economic community is that movement of goods, services, investments and professionals will be much easier. These movements will have a great influence in property sector as well. In order to fulfill their need and lifestyle, people have started to realize the sensitivity of design business and the tendency to use the current trend. Therefore, the opportunity of business in the Interior Design sector has become widely open. This opportunity has increased the needs of professional human resources.

Starting 2008, BINUS UNIVERSITY has opened Interior Design Department in the School of Design faculty. Our aim is to prepare successful graduates in interior industry as well as enabling them for the global community. Our vision is to become a world class interior design department, delivering international standard designers with strength in local indigenous and latest technology.

Interior Design's graduates of BINUS UNIVERSITY will become professionals in a global environment. They will be prepared professionally and scientifically. Therefore, by finishing their Bachelor program, they can step directly into professional practices. Graduates will have the ability to design hospitality and commercial design or furniture and interior design accessories. These graduates will not only be proficient in scientific and practical abilities in Interior Design sector, but also, they will have the spirit and entrepreneurship skills needed in the future.

Catalog 2016/ B2020 (PDF), Catalog 2017/ B2021 (PDF), Catalog 2018/ B2022 (PDF), Catalog 2019/ B2023 (PDF), Catalog 2020/ B2024 (PDF), Catalog 2021/ B2025 (PDF), Catalog 2022/ B2026 (PDF), Catalog 2023/ B2027 (PDF)