Interior Design is one of the 16th Creative Economy sub-sectors in Indonesia. According to Gazali, A. and Nadinastiti (2015), interior design is “…activities that solve interior function and quality problems, provide interior space related services, and prepare drawings and documents related to interior spaces to improve quality of life to meet health, safety aspects, and public convenience”. Therefore, Interior Design sub-sector has an important role in adding competitive advantage to creative products. Through the exploration of design that related to community and environmental interests.


The Department of Interior Design, BINUS UNIVERSITY in Jakarta, help students learn and design their (simple to complex) commercial design and hospitality. Projects for furniture and interior design accessories, such as residential, apartment, retail, office, and hotel are create in independent and teamwork environment. Within BINUS UNIVERSITY, local and global institutions, industries, community, government, and media, students of The Department of Interior Design, BINUS UNIVERISTY in Jakarta have the opportunity to improve personal development, create relationships, networking, and collaborate. Thus, it is expected that graduates of The Department of Interior Design Interior, BINUS UNIVERISTY in Jakarta will also be prepared to become professionals in a global environment and will have the spirit and entrepreneurship skills required in the future.

Welcome to Interior Design Department at Binus University Jakarta!

Best Wishes,

Anak Agung Ayu Wulandari, S.Sn, MA (Head of Department 2022- present)

Titi Indahyani, S.Sn, M.M., Ph.D (Head Of Department 2019-2022)

Ulli Aulia Ruki S.Sn, M.Sc. (Head Of Department 2016-2019)

Amarena Nediari, S.Sn., M.Ds. (Head Of Department 2013-2016)

Sri Rachmayanti S.Sn., M.Ds. (Head Of Department 2010-2013)


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