Graduate Competency

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to integrate thematic interior concepts (furniture, walls, ceilings, and floors) with the results of studies on behavior aspects, tehnicals, and values related to interior design based on technical and aesthetic characteristics of materials;
  2. Able to design interiors independently, verbally and visually communicated, both manual and digital to meet the needs of the user communities from residential scales to public spaces based on design theory;
  3. Able to produce interior design works that prioritize local indigenous, environmentally friendly (green design) and sustainability using technology that supports the field of design as a proposed solution to problems and fulfill community needs, which can be accounted for academically and meet the requirements of function, aesthetics, construction, and meaning;
  4. Able to design Commercial & Hospitality Interiors by paying attention to space requirements and user behavior in accordance with developing trends;
  5. Able to design furniture and interior accessories by paying attention to the needs of user behavior in accordance with development trends;
  6. Able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing alternative solutions for problem-solving.